Thursday, 21 October 2010


So it's finally hot off the presses fols, our third 'Girls Who Draw' postcard book MAGIC and I'm very excited. It features the work of eleven Illustrators including a few of our regulars Karoline Rerrie, Gemma Correll, Anke Weckmann, Sarah Ray, Currentstate (Ce Moi!), Yee King Tuit, Kate Hindley, Ruth Green, Mary Kilvert and two new contributors Alys Paterson and Beth Morrison. The book contains 22 gorgeous postcards and the covers were designed by the uber talented Kate Hindley.

An exhibition of the same name will take place at Solihull Gallery in 2011 and on to other venues later in the year. Keep an eye the blog and our tweets for more details. The book is available through my online shop Buy it, its Fab!

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