Friday, 16 September 2011


I have been working on a few new designs over the summer months. Most of them inspired by the british summer, yes including a rainy homage (well its is the british weather!!) See images below I'll be working on a few more designs for my winter markets coming up.

I did Artfest last week in Birmingham City Centre. Again it was really successful, so thanks to anyone who came along. I have tons of nice comments and lots of people add to my mailing list. If you would like to join, subscribe here: ADD ME

If you want to come and see my work in person I'll be at a number of fairs coming up. Here's the dates again.

Sat 1st October - Marlvern Arts & Food Market
Sat 8th Oct - Hereford Art Market
Sat 22nd October - Moseley Art Market
Sat 19th & Sun 20th November - MAC
Sat 26th November - Moseley Art Market - Christmas Special
Sun 27th November - MAC
Sat 3rd December - Marlvern Arts & Food Market
Sun 4th December - MAC
Sat 10th December - Hereford Art Market
Sun 11th December - MAC
Sat 17th December - Moseley Art Market
Sun 18th December - MAC


I've been terrible at updating my blog over the summer, partly because I've spent quite a bit of time at a few festivals shooting for the festival annual. Over the summer months I've been to Beat-Herder, Camp Bestival, Wilderness, Shambala and Moseley Folk.

You can see some of my images when the book comes out in the autumn (October) - I shall be tweeting and bloggin when it arrives.