Wednesday, 12 March 2008


I was photographed by The Birmingham Post a week ago, and the article appeared in this week's Post on Monday & Tuesday. The article has coincided with the launch of Visual with an exhibition at Baskerville House this thursday. Here's a snippet of the article.
The Visual programme has also secured a number of commissions including more recently, a major one completed by Jane Anderson for Crosby Land Lease’s development in the City Centre, which involved a five-day trip to New York. The Birmingham-based artist has produced three large canvas prints that start off with the Bull Ring and St Martin’s Cathedral, then combine the street scenes of Birmingham and the Big Apple, before making way for the final picture of a yellow taxi and the Iron Building in downtown Manhattan.

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Well I've been away on holiday for two months and my artwork for Crosby is still wasn't installed. Luckily i was back in time to see it go up. With a install team from SP Group - who were fab (cant recommend them enough if anyone is doing any really large format printing). The final canvas's covered 7x3 metres - massive! It was a fairly complicated install, even warranted a health & safety officer to oversee its going up over the stairs on a wall 9 metres off the ground. Go check it out if you get the chance. Its at i-land Crosby Lend Lease just behind the Birmingham Hippodrome on Bromsgrove Street. Very pleased with it now its up.


In December & January I was lucky enough to take a two month break to go and do some traveling & a bit of photography. My journey started in Cape Town - South Africa, then to Australia, New Zealand and finally Thailand - Koh Phenang. Cape Town was an interesting place. Apartheid clearly still exists, and we did a tour of some of the townships of Lagan, Khayelitsha and Gugulethu. Here's a few of my pics. There's more on my facebook profile.


November was been a fantastic month for Currentstate as I was shortlisted, and then finally selected to provide a signature artwork for the main entrance to i-land, a new Crosby development in the city centre. The brief was to encompasses essential themes of vibrancy, play, city style, peace, comfort, lifestyle and inspiration. My proposal was to create a bright and bold panoramic montage that spans from Birmingham scenery to New York City, depicting lifestyle, people, bars, cafes, shops, NYC cabs, and street signs.
The proposal also included a brief trip to New York so I could work from my own stock photography, and capture movement and fluidity of real city life. This is the final artwork above, its a massive 7x3 metres and its due to be installed in Dec. I'll try and upload some of the other photo's I took in New York.

Nov 07: NEW YORK

In Nov 2007 I made a dash over to New york to take photo's of the flat Iron Building in downtown Manhattan for a commission i had just been selected for. It was the first time i'd been over to New York and went along there with my photographer friend Muriel Bonnet. Here's just a couple of the photo's i took whilst there.